Apply for a Grant

Apply for a Grant

Ibis Charities has instituted a one-step process for Grant Request submission. You may click on the form icon to the right to access this form. The form may be completed on line, printed and returned to Ibis Charities Foundation using the email address indicated on the form with the appropriate attachments. If you have questions, please respond via this same email address.

Grant Requests are now closed for 2016.

Please read the details of the Ibis Charities Grant AREAS OF FOCUS in the FAQ below.

Please read the details of the Ibis Charities Grant TERMS AND CONDITIONS in the FAQ below.

Health & Wellness – Charitable programs that are committed to improve the Physical or Mental Health and wellness of children and adults.

Education – Programs or initiatives that further education or improve access to education for children and adults.

Family & Social Services – Programs and initiatives whose program endeavors to help individuals and families with relationships and life.

Environment – Programs and initiatives that help restore, preserve or enhance the facilities or natural resources and wildlife of our region, including those that enhance public awareness relating to the environment and conservation.

Art & Culture – Programs or initiatives that help develop and enhance culture, education training and the arts.

  • All selected organizations will be notified if a grant is awarded.
  • Recipients may not receive total amount requested.
  • All recipients are required to sign our Grant Agreement Letter, which stipulates the responsibilities and adherence to the IBIS Charities Foundation, Inc. distribution of funds rules.
  • Grant recipients must provide Ibis Charities Foundation, Inc. with contact information of two individuals in their program whom we may call on for updates.
  • The organizations selected will authorize us to announce their names for future grant funding. Amounts of funding will be announced after our annual fundraising drive held in the first quarter of the year.
  • Grant recipients are required to complete one Grant Update within 6 months and an ICF final report upon completion of project.
  • Grant funds will be distributed at the Ibis Charities Foundation, Inc. awards ceremony. The date selected for the ceremony will be announced on the IBIS Home Page web site.
  • Grant recipients must agree to acknowledge contributions from Ibis Charities Foundation in all articles, media interviews or related marketing material pertaining to the project funded. Charities are required to forward copies of same to ICF.